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Openrange, Inc.


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About Us

Shoot a Gun, shoot a Machine Gun, Play Reball or Nerf. Beginners, travelers - all are welcome.

World Class Firearms facility in Crestwood, 20 minutes east of Louisville. We have a gun store, 17 indoor gun ranges including 5 x 100 yard rifle bays and a huge indoor reball arena (paintball without the paint!).

Have a Duel with real Dueling Pistols, Hamilton Style & Shoot a Kentucky Flintlock Longrifle 'Daniel Boone' Style.

Our educational division teaches beginning - advanced gun safety and handling, conceal carry licenses and home safety. Visit our Firearm Research Center and handle hundreds of firearms, then read tests about your favorites. Compare prices right inside the store. Come rent a gun (or machine gun!) and have a blast.


Have a Blast, Shoot a gun.
Take a Gun Safety Class
Play Nerf Wars
Shoot a Kentucky Longrifle
Fun Date Night
Shoot a Rifle
Shoot a Machine Gun
Research Buying a Gun

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